Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair2024-02-09T14:57:02-06:00


Commercial roofing repairs are usually emergencies and a temporary fix to an aggravating leaky roof.

ProRoofs Restoration staff is trained in all facets of commercial roof repairs. Most of these leaks happen around faulty flashing and problem areas on your commercial roof surface.

These types of leaks occur mostly where the roof changes directions such as where the air exhaust vents, air conditioning units, and skylights come in contact with the roof.

ProRoofs Restoration is here to help, and our staff is committed to saving your roof.


We assess the roof for its condition, and if the roof is in good general health, our staff will repair the weak areas in a hurry. Our commercial roofing repair is thorough and dependable. It is our goal to stop the leak so it won’t stop your business.


We offer our one of a kind commercial roofing repair analysis in four easy phases.

  • Consulting Phase – Discuss your immediate needs and budget with you.
  • Planning Phase – Clearly layout the safety plan to protect the building and its contents.
  • Roof Construction Repair Phase – Clearly define a start date and time and what materials to stop the leak.
  • Follow up Phase – After fix of leak and roof we will follow up to make sure the work was to your satisfaction.

Contact us today and let us give you a FREE consultation on your commercial roofing repair needs.

How long will my commercial roof last on my business?2024-02-09T13:23:09-06:00

Commercial roofing systems are designed and installed to last up to a minimum of 20 years. Metal and slate roofs can be expected to last longer. Conditions and location play a big part in longevity on a roofing system as well.

Should I try to repair the roof myself?2024-02-09T13:22:47-06:00

We do not recommend doing any roofing work yourself due to safety precautions. Our skilled and highly-trained staff at ProRoofs Restoration is trained to safely replace or repair your roof and save you from a severe injury to yourself or others.

My roof on my business is leaking. Do I need to have it replaced?2024-02-09T13:21:57-06:00

Just because your roof on your business is leaking doesn’t mean a whole roof replacement. Leaks can happen from faulty flashing or because a section of your roof is loose or damaged. Our staff at ProRoofs Restoration will be glad to come and give you a FREE Commercial Roof Assessment. Contact us today.

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