Residential Roofing Inspections and Report

Residential Roofing Inspections and Report2024-03-26T08:22:28-05:00

ProRoofs and Restoration Your Katy, TX & Houston Area Roofing Contractors.

We are insured.


ProRoofs and Restoration works with Katy & Houston homeowners and their families for all their home service needs. We are an experienced, affordable roofing company offering roof repairs and installation, residential services, and commercial roofing. Every member of our staff has been trained and educated to diagnose, repair, and replace your home’s roof.

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We are different. We don’t just look at your roof from the ground with binoculars. We get up there! We are an all hands on deck team, and we take pride in doing a thorough inspection of your roof.

We give you professional tips on how to maintain your roof and home after our work is done. Our staff is trained to diagnose, and provide a comprehensive report of your roof.


Here at ProRoofs Restoration, we have seen it all when it comes to roofing inspections and reports. Our trained staff will assess your roof with experience, knowledge, and we will share our discoveries along with our suggestions with you in detail and in a way you can understand.

Contact us today and let us give you a FREE consultation on your roofing inspections and report needs.



  • Does it need to be replaced or just repaired

  • How many years of life the roof has left

  • Professional recommendations on what needs to be done to fix the roof properly

  • Detailed photos of your roof and vents

  • Details on the condition of the roof

Why is part of my roof streaking?2024-02-08T15:11:35-06:00

Most of the time a roof can show signs of discoloration in about 5-6 years. Dark streaks are usually seen on the north slope of a roof. In most cases, the streaks are due to an algae growth on your roof because it doesn’t get as much sunlight. We use algae resistant shingles with a manufacturer warranty of 10 years against streaks and discoloration.

Can you tell me if I need a new roof?2024-02-08T15:09:38-06:00

If, the damage of your roof, is so bad that repairing it would be more of a financial strain than replacing it, that’s when a new roof is the better option. When too many shingles are damaged, missing, creased, or curled or if the roof is ancient, replacing every single shingle or fixing every damaged area can add up to create a considerable total.

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