Residential Wooden Fencing Construction

Residential Wooden Fencing Construction2024-02-09T14:46:09-06:00


There are a lot of storms and different temperatures in the Houston and Katy area that are hard on wooden fences.

Most people don’t think about wood fences until they fall, let the pets get away, or blow over. We don’t want to see this happen.

At ProRoofs Restoration, residential wooden fence construction is as simple as 1-2-3! Our skilled technicians know how to construct a fence to last!


We can remove and install new wooden fences of your choice with a combination of other materials for a more sturdy fence. For example, we can use:

  • Wooden treated posts

  • Metal posts

  • Concrete with runners

We know a well-built finely- constructed wooden fence can last at least 20 years or more!

We are ready to work for you and build you a wooden fence that will be strong, reliable and keep kids and pets where they belong…inside the fence!


Whether you are thinking of having a new wooden fence constructed on your property, or your fence is older and needs repairs, ProRoofs Restoration is here to help.

Our staff is highly trained in every facet of wooden fencing repair and wants to make sure your fence is safe and secure.

Contact us today and let us give you a FREE consultation on your residential wooden fence construction needs.

Can my fence be cleaned? It’s dark and grungy.2024-02-08T15:02:25-06:00

Yes it most certainly can be cleaned! The gray is from the sun and weather. It can be brought back to a beautiful natural color.

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